Reading Challenge

The Speedwell Reading Challenge

Learning to read is an important life skill.  We want all children at Speedwell to develop a love of books and reading, and to become great readers.  To support children to learn to read we follow the Essential Letters and Sounds phonics programme.  Children will bring home a reading book each week matched to their current phonics learning.  Please support your child to practice reading this book.  Ideally children will read their reading book at least 4 times over the week.  By practicing their book they become more confident to recognise words and to sound out words they are not sure of.  They also gradually become more fluent readers, reading with interest and confidence.

Your child also has a login for Oxford Owls which has lots of books matched to your child’s current phonics learning.   Please encourage your child to log on and read some of the books, this can also count towards a reading challenge.

Please try to hear your child read their reading book at least 4 times per week, and each time they read (their reading book or a book on Oxford Owls) make a note in their school reading record.  Children will get a new book each Friday, and their teachers will check how many times they have read at home.  When your child has read 30 times at home they will achieve a reading challenge.

Each time your child achieves a reading challenge they get to visit Mrs Moore, the Headteacher to choose a prize from the reading challenge prize box.  Then in Celebration Assembly they receive a reading challenge award.  

After their first 30 reads, children get a bronze aware

After their second 30 reads, they get a silver award

After another 30 reads, children get a gold award

Then, after another 30 reads children receive a medal   

As well as practicing their reading book, it is also great for children to share other books and stories with you.  Staveley Library has a large collection of children’s books, so do visit the library with your children and enjoy lots of books and stories together.