Helping Your Child At Home

Helping Your Child At Home

Oak National Academy is providing online lessons for children whilst they are at home.  Please click on the link below, click 'find lessons' and then 'schedule', then select your child's year group.

Internet Safety Whilst Working With Your Children At Home
While children are off school it is likely they will be using the internet at home.  The links below take you to activities to do with your child to help them stay safe on the internet.  They will have learnt about internet safety at school, so this will help remind them how to keep safe.  Click on the link for your child's age:

At school we do REAL PE.  While the children are off school REAL PE are offering free access to REAL PE activities through their website.  You will need our school log in details which we will text to you.  If you haven't received these, please email school at to request these details.
There are lots of fun physical activities to do, along with stories and games.  This would be a good activity for children to do everyday.  Just click on the link below and log in:
For children in Years 1 and 2 the BBC have developed a range of activities, videos and learning ideas to help with home learning.  These include maths, English and Science activities.   Please follow the links below to access this learning:

The Collins website is providing links to free e-books, music lessons, worksheets and activities for Primary age children for parents and carers whilst schools are closed.   Please click on the following link and select the green tiles for the relevant activities.   The website provides free login details so you can access the resources easily:

Children love musical activities.  Derbyshire Music Education Hub are offering weekly music activities you could explore at home with your children.   Just click on the link below and select Infant Music at Home.  Have fun exploring music together.

At school we follow White Rose Maths.  While schools are closed White Rose are providing a daily maths learning activity.  Please click on the link below and then select your child's year group to access the daily activities.  There are some instructions for parents half way down the first page before you select your child's year group.   While children are off school, why not make accessing this site part of your daily routine to support children with their maths learning.

The National Literacy Trust Small Talk ideas will help you to support your child's language development.  There are lots of fun ideas and activities for you to do with your child to get them talking and help you enjoy time together via the button below.
Oxford Owls offers lots of activities and games for children to play at home to support reading and maths.   If you set up a free log in your child can access age appropriate reading ebooks on line.   You can select your child's age, or their current reading level or phonics phase which your child's class teacher can advise you about.   You can also access a range of age appropriate maths games and activities.  Please click on the button below to access the site.
In maths lessons children learn about numbers.  The BBC Numberblock series supports children to develop their understanding of numbers.  You can find Numberblock episodes for children to watch via the button below.
To support children to learn to read, they access daily phonics teaching.  Children learn about the sounds letters and groups of letters make, and to blend them together to read words.   The BBC Alphablocks series will support your child's learning of letter sounds and early reading.   You can find Alphablocks activities and videos via the button below:
Hungry Little Minds is a government initiative to support parents/carers to help their children learn at home and be ready for school.